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Pinnacle MC Global Network are market leaders at creating profitable property investment opportunities within the UK.  By working directly with our development companies we create purpose built, high-quality accommodation packaged with attractive, secured yields.  We pass these onto our worldwide network of agents so that investors across the globe can benefit from these lucrative investments.

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July 21, 2014

Our very own Jet Setter

This week we were pleased to welcome our director Julie Harvey back into the office. Julie has been instrumental to Pinnacle’s work in the Far East, meeting with our team of agents, speaking on their behalf, and simply flying the flag for Pinnacle overseas. During her two week visit, Julie travelled extensively across the region, …

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North west story

It’s not all about London

For too long, London has been a city state. Out on its own, completely disconnected from the rest of the United Kingdom. There are stats to back this up. According to the Office of National Statistics, (ONS) in 1997 London made up 19.43% of the entire nation’s Gross Value Added. By 2012, this figure had …

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