July 21, 2014

Our very own Jet Setter

This week we were pleased to welcome our director Julie Harvey back into the office. Julie has been instrumental to Pinnacle’s work in the Far East, meeting with our team of agents, speaking on their behalf, and simply flying the flag for Pinnacle overseas. During her two week visit, Julie travelled extensively across the region, …

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North west story

It’s not all about London

For too long, London has been a city state. Out on its own, completely disconnected from the rest of the United Kingdom. There are stats to back this up. According to the Office of National Statistics, (ONS) in 1997 London made up 19.43% of the entire nation’s Gross Value Added. By 2012, this figure had …

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student housing shortage story

World shortage of student housing

After seeing enormous development in the UK in the last decade of Purpose Built Student Housing, it appears as if the trend is spreading its wings. Within the last month, stories have surfaced showing how there is increasing interest from developers to move their ventures further afield, with deals between developers, governments, and Investment Firms, …

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end of HMO story

End of the beginning for Homes in Multiple Occupation?

To misuse one of Winston Churchill’s most famous quotes, have we reached the beginning of the end for the grotty student bedsit, shared dwellings more suited to Oliver Twist then a high cost degree? For decades, the accepted norm for students was to live in minuscule halls for their first year, to then move into …

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Fine print story

Warning for landlords to read fine print in contracts

A warning has gone out to landlords to ensure they understand the fine print in a property management contract or risk having to pay significant unexpected costs. UK landlords who employ a property management service could be held liable for costs hidden in the fine print of contracts, according to an investigation by The Telegraph …

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