Property investment
June 17, 2015

Chinese investment in the UK continues to soar

The UK property market is a far cry from the sorry and slowing state of affairs we were faced with just a few years back. And following the General Election results, to which both the property markets and financial markets reacted positively (with London alone having seen a 17% growth in average property prices since …

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June 10, 2015

UK Student Housing: A booming investment market

The student housing market has become a £2 billion industry in just 3 years Over the past three years the ways in which students live, and what they have come to expect from their housing, has changed almost beyond recognition. Today many students expect much more. With some even looking forward to in-built gyms, twenty …

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Buy to let
June 3, 2015

Buy to let still one of the strongest asset classes in the UK

Investors today seem to have more options than ever before: from peer to peer lending, right through to the tried, tested and trusted realm of bricks and mortar. However it has been the latter that has delivered consistently strong performances year upon year. Here we take a look at why the Buy to Let asset, …

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Rental growth
May 20, 2015

Putting your pension into property

With 2015 marking the year where millions of pensioners were provided with unprecedented cash lump sums from their pension pots, it’s quite clear that the pension landscape is changing. Even without this industry shaking change, the pensions market has always served as a rapidly altering one, and is one that will likely not guarantee public …

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David Cameron
May 11, 2015

What the results of the election may mean for investors

The votes are counted. The results are in. And the political world is in shock. It’s a result few expected, and even fewer Conservatives could hope to dream of. For people who are aligned left, the results may seem intimidatingly depressing, and for those who lie centre right, the results likely appear exhilaratingly unexpected; regardless …

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